About RainbowTurtle.com

About RainbowTurtle
We are just regular folks like our customers. Little Fish in an ocean of Corporate Sharks!
Regular folks are what makes our business greatl!
These are the people you will talk with when contacting RainbowTurtle.com
~ RainbowTurtle - This is my real legal name and also the name of our company
~ Dwight - Is my husband of 53 years (We also have 10 grandchildren 4 that live close and help us with everything)
~ Krista - Is our youngest daughter and pretty much can run everything here
~ Aaron - Is Kristas husband and he handles all of our glitter and that is a tough job
Hi and welcome to our website.
My real and legal name is RainbowTurtle and this is a family owned and operated business. The four family members you will be working with or ordering from are RainbowTurtle, Dwight, Krista or Aaron. Dwight is my husband, Krista is our youngest daughter and Aaron is her husband. We also have ten grandchildren four that live close to us and help us out regularly, pulling your orders, helping package as well as any other jobs that we could use help with around here. Any one of us would be happy to assist you so please feel free to contact any of us.
We try our best to be understanding and helpful. We started this business on really nothing in 2003 when Dwight after 34 years of marriage and always working to support our family, came home one day with the shocking news that his position as an accountant was no longer needed. Like a lot of folks when you reach a certain age and position it is really hard to convince companies to hire you, no matter what experience or willingness you have for the job. So to make a long story short we pretty much lost everything except our house that we had to mortgage to the hilt just to survive and we started this tiny business with a computer and lots and lots of hard work.
We now love doing what we do and we love meeting and talking with our customers. Our offices are in our home and we ship from a small warehouse here and larger warehouses when the orders are very large. We sell to large companies but most of our business is too individuals and families like us.
We try to offer the finest products we can find and offer them at the best pricing that we can. We try to process and ship all orders as quickly as we can. Our goal is to give our customers the respect, fairness and honesty that we would like to receive ourselves as well as the best customer service we can.
If you have special needs, help with ordering or shipping questions feel free to contact us. We never forget that our customers are what makes RainbowTurtle the business it is.
From our home to yours, thank you for your wonderful support
Rainbow, Dwight, Krista and Aaron
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